Transformation to Web Services

Thanks to the SoaMLEngine module, a SoaML model can be transformed into a Web Service PSM model. For this, model-to-model transformation the following actions are performed:

  • SoaML to Java with Web Services Annotations
  • SoaML MessageType elements are transformed in XSD elements,
  • SoaML ServiceInterfaces elements are transformed in WSDL service descriptions,
  • BPMN Processes are transformed into BPEL Process.

This functionality is implemented in SoaMLEngine module which has to be deployed as well as its dependency modules i.e. XSD, WSDL, BPEL, BPMN and SOA Architecture. Figure 32 depicts the transform GUI command which can only be launched on the SoaML package element.

Figure 32 SoaMLEngine Transform Command

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