Introducing the Togaf Architect module

The Togaf Architect module is a Modelio extension dedicated to the modeling of Enterprise Architecture based on TOGAF Standards. Modelio Commercial Edition provides additional capacities, such as goal modeling, requirement analysis support or document generation.

By providing a profile dedicated to Togaf modeling, the Togaf Architect module enables you to realize a complete landscape of a company’s information systems.

The Togaf Architect module provides the following functionalities:

  • Landscape and modeling of enterprises and their information systems at business, architecture and technological levels.
  • Modeling of business data.
  • Modeling of requirements, traceability between these requirements and their implementation at information system level (requires joint use with the Modelio Analyst module).
    Modeling of goals and and their traceability to Enterprise Architecture models (requires the Modelio Analyst module).
  • Generation of complementary catalogs and documentation from models.
  • Generation of traceability matrices from models.
  • Tools to assist in modeling and automation.
    • Generation of application implementation from the architecture model (requires joint use with the Java Designer module)
    • Transformation of the data model into an SQL model (requires joint use with the SQL Designer module)

Note: In order to get the most out of Togaf Architect, you must be familiar with Modelio. If this is not the case, have a look at the Modelio user guides and learn how to use our tool.