Fran├žois Poyer

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09 March 2012

11:21 C++ core Issue #30: Mac OS X obasic Compiation error
From what i read in the compilation log, it is indeed a problem with the way the MAC adress is searched.

08 March 2012

18:10 Modelio 2 Issue #27 (Resolved): Connection line to note is incorrect
Fix will be into 2.1.1 release

02 January 2012

16:19 Modelio 2 Evolution #25 (Assigned): There should be a way to re-order Attributes and Methods in a Class in ...
At the moment, the only way to do so is to mask the attributes/operations and unmask them in the correct order. An in...

10 October 2011

11:23 Modelio 2 Issue #7 (Resolved): Crash when opening a project If Modelio is run in a VirtualBox
When run in a virtual box (host is a Windows XP SP3) Modelio crash on opening a project.
Log file is joined.

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