09 November 2011


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JavaDesigner 2.0.11

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  • Anomalie #3: ANT creation error – inlcudes directive problem
  • Anomalie #6: Running application error when Execution path is set to $(Project)/bin
  • Anomalie #8: ANT creation error – JNIout location


  • Better management of collections in the automation.
  • Fixes accessor generation on attribute with the same Max and Min multiplicities.


  • Minor formatting changes at generation.
  • Initialisation value for Attribute and AssociationEnd on interface should be ignored instead of triggering an error.


  • ‘Update model from sources’ command is now available on an ‘extern’ class
  • ‘Binary reverse’ command is now available on the same elements as the ‘Source reverse’ command.
  • Error and warnings in the report dialog should have more appropriate titles during the reverse phase.
  • When an external class is created there should be an information displayed to the user


  • Anomalie #4: JavaDoc creation directory errror


  • Fix a regression about detection of duplicated objid.
  • Enhance package lookup, speeding up the reverse phase.
  • Better handle of packages with names containing dots, {JavaName} and {JavaNoPackage}.
  • Better reverse of “wrapped” types and qualifiers.
  • Avoids several cases of AssociationEnd/Attribute reidentification.
  • Reversing elements from several Java components no longer triggers an error.
  • Minor fixes in collection lookup during reverse.
  • Fixes incorrect reverse of java annotations in the following non exhaustive cases:
    • Annotation of an attribute with initial value and without @objid.
    • Annotation of a parameter generated as final.
    • Annotations on an inner class, without @objid.
  • Source reverse shouldn’t accept “.class” files.
  • Reverse of an attribute with cardinality 1 whose type is an Enumerate change the multiplicity to 0..1.
  • Bad reverse of attributes with the same Min and Max multiplicities.
  • A few fixes in the binary reverse.
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