06 December 2013

No issues for this version

JavaDesigner 2.1.02

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  • Removes @mdl annotations for properties when generating in ModelDriven mode.
  • Enhances import generation. There should be a lot less unwanted imports.
  • ElementImport links in the model are also always generated.
  • Fixes generation of wrapped types for properties, for example Map<Integer, String> instead of Map<int, String>.
  • Adds missing separator in generation of enumerations without literals.
  • Deactivates visibility enforcement rules during generation, triggering too many false-positive.
  • Annotations are now generated before parameter’s modifiers, to avoid warnings…
  • Removes duplicated “extends” keyword for DataTypes having a “JavaExtends” tagged value.
  • Generics can now be generated without full name.


  • New ‘GenerateJavadocMarkers’ parameter, to allow removing javadoc markers in model driven mode. Contributed by TAS.


  • ‘updateModel’ peer service should never ask the user what to do…
  • Adds encoding when retrieve code in Model Driven mode.
  • Avoids a few problems with homonym elements.
  • Fixes reverse of full name non wrapped predefined types.
  • Replaces throw link to TemplateParameters with tagged values, to avoid a core audit error.
  • Ignores all element imports that can be deduced from the model, instead of creating them in the model.
  • More accurate type lookup algorithm, taking visibility into account.
  • Fixes binary reverse of annotation definitions.
  • “Type not found” warnings and such are now related to the corresponding model element.
  • Adds annotation reverse for enumeration literals.
  • Changeable value shouldn’t be set to None when reversing an Attribute/AssociationEnd with getter/setter.