24 February 2012

Version for Modelio 2.1.01


5 issues   (5 closed — 0 open)

JavaDesigner 2.0.13

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  • Updated diagram creation for Modelio 2.1.


  • Added new peer services for accessor management. (already existing in JavaDesigner 1.2.31 from Modelio 1.2)


  • Evolution #17 – Generate “return null” or something like that while generating operation returing an objet
  • Anomalie #18 – No code should be generated for references (attribute, assoc, parameter, etc) to nocode element.
  • Fixed default import generation for collections.


  • Anomalie #19 – Running application which reads from console hangs the Modelio
  • Evolution #23: Support more “collection to use” Adds “ArrayDequeue as Dequeue”
  • Added initialization when opening the directory chooser in the reverse wizard.
  • Most tag types are now visible when selecting java stereotypes.

Model Component

  • Fixed relative file contribution to model components.


  • Integration of Java 7 syntax.
  • All Attributes and AssociationEnds reversed into an Interface should have a ‘public’ visibility and the ‘final’ keyword.
  • Fixed a potential audit error when reversing an Extern Interface.
  • Removes a generics bug involving a Map containing a simple wildcard.
  • Allowed reverse of several element imports between the same elements. (JavaStatic imports)
  • Removed a blocking audit error at reverse when using a TemplateParameter from a Parameter.
  • Fixed reverse of “Concurrent” collections.
  • Adds some ‘known containers’ for the reverse: ArrayDequeue, Dequeue, Reference, WeakReference, SoftReference & PhantomReference.
  • Enhance parser warning messages when a type is not found.
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