over 8 years late (14 June 2012)

Version for Modelio 2.2, upgrade of the ANTLR part of the reverse


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JavaDesigner 2.1.00

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  • “javah” target is no more generated in ant files when no native classes are found.


  • Automatic interface implementation should now be triggered only for Interfaces having operations.
  • Accessors on interfaces are now always generated as public.
  • Accessors on interfaces are now generated when the “generate accessor” parameter is set to “Smart”.


  • JavaDesigner now installs its documentation at deployment.


  • Fixed a few cases when @mdl.propgetter/@mdl.propsetter weren’t generated as intended.
  • Default generated return aren’t restricted to predefined types anymore.
  • New enumeration generation for metamodel 8020.
  • Fixes attribute generation for generic types like List < Set < String > >
  • In “release” mode, the “mdl” import shouldn’t be generated anymore.


  • New image for getter/setter stereotypes.
  • When generating an element with an opened dirty editor, choosing “no” reloads the editor instead of staying in the current state.
  • Avoids some errors when refreshing editor status.
  • New automatic diagram creation feature, based on the new modeling wizard plugin from Modelio.
  • JavaDesigner commands should also be available on TemplateParameters.
  • Color syntax added to the Modelio editor in realease mode.


  • Added a “generate Javadoc” peer service.
  • Launching javadoc generation without a valid JDK should now trigger a message box.


  • New reverse using ANTLR 3.4.1. It should be far more robust and powerful.
  • Most simple and multiline comments are now reversed in the new “JavaComment” note instead of ignored (or worse, triggering a parsing error).
  • Type lookup in reverse is now more precise, avoiding some degradations in the model after an update operation.
  • Enumeration content is now reversed in model form instead of a “JavaCode” note.
  • When reversing a template parameter, the old type should be reseted.
  • Reverse of ‘in’ or ‘out’ parameters no longer changes their passing mode to ‘inout’ everytime.
  • No more ‘invalid manipulation’ error when reversing a class missing from a model component.
  • Simple/Complete structural reverse modes should now work as intended.
  • Anomalie #39: Line number not shown when a parsing problem occurs.
  • Anomalie #31 – Java reverse error
  • Anomalie #36 – Problem reversing Java declaration ending with a comment
  • Anomalie #40 – Strange XML error while reversing Java project
  • New binary reverse wizard, allowing multiple jars to be selected at the same time.
  • Binary reverse of arrays fixed.
  • Binary reverse of static keyword fixed.
  • Random crash of the binary reverse fixed.
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