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Version for Modelio 2.2.1


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JavaDesigner 2.1.01

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  • Update of embedded Ant jars, to avoid errors sometimes happening when running a JRE 1.7.


  • Fixes several inconsistencies and errors in getter/setter creation and generation, in particular with properties on interfaces.
  • In interface implementation, removes stereotype duplication for operations and parameters to avoid errors due to the getter/setter update.


  • Empty {JavaName}, {JavaExtends} and {JavaImplements} tagged values are now ignored at generation to avoid compilation errors.
  • Annotations described in the model are now generated after the automatic @objid annotation to make code copy/paste easier.
  • Fixes generation of TemplateParameters inheriting from another TemplateParameter.
  • Directories are now created at the end of the generation process, like files.


  • Error messages are now displayed in red in the ant report dialog, to make them more visible.
  • All messages from JavaDesigner are now part of the Modelio log.
  • JDK path can now be defined in relative.


  • Fixes javadoc generation under linux.
  • Generated javadoc shouldn’t be visualized when generation failed.
  • Javadoc generation & visualization are now also available on Components.


  • Fixes an error with annotation reverse.
  • Fixes a type lookup problem for inner classes in jars (for example java.util.Map.Entry)
  • Parameter multiplicities shouldn’t be reseted during reverse in a few cases (like n..m with n, m > 1).
  • Anomalie #71: Reversing “implicit” imports for inheritance fail.
  • Handles delete of TemplateParameters on operations.
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