Issue #152

"Ghost" elements left on diagram when deleting elements when that diagram is not open

Added by WGH WGH about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

Status:RejectedStart date:08 November 2013
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  1. Open some diagram
  2. Add a class to it
  3. Close diagram
  4. Delete class
  5. Open diagram

You’ll see a gray box that looks like this: (see attachment)

Note that neither class nor its ghost would appear if class was deleted when diagram was open.

ghost_class.png (2.42 KB) WGH WGH, 08 November 2013 18:14

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#1 Updated by Christophe Demeulemeester about 7 years ago

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This is a feature, when an element that has been unmasked in a diagram is deleted in the model while the diagram is closed, the element is turned into a ‘ghost’, in order for the user to be warned that an element has been deleted…

This ‘ghost’ can be deleted by the user…

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