Issue #206

Unmasking an interface N-ary link does not show the interfaces

Added by Brian Sipos almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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I create a pair of classes, each with a port, one port providing an interface and one requiring the same. I connect the two interfaces together, and see a new N-ary link. If I mask the visible interface connection then the two interfaces disappear. If I unmask the individual interfaces they appear as normal. If I unmask the N-ary link itself (the connected interfaces) I expect to the the related interfaces in the diagram, instead I see the actual N-ary link (possibly along-side the unconnected interfaces, if those are individually unmasked).

This is confusing and makes managing interfaces/links difficult. I have attached a screenshot showing this situation and its confusing view.

ifaces.png - screenshot of minimal diagram with both interfaces and assicoated link (3.61 KB) Brian Sipos, 23 October 2014 15:58


#1 Updated by Brian Sipos almost 7 years ago

After upgrading to Modelio 3.2.0 I found that this issue seems to no longer occur. In 3.2.0 when I drag the n-ary link into a drawing correctly shows the interface lines from associated ports.

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