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lane - direction

Added by Andrew Clins over 3 years ago.

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Problem I cannot change the orientation of Participant / Pool (or Participant / Lane but as a Lane is a sub-part of a Pool, I guess the solution is at the Pool level). It seems it is a feature, though[0].

Current situation By default the Pool (and therefore its Lane(s)) is horizontal. I would like to have it vertical as it generally make more sense both on a display (vertical scrolling is easy) or printed on a page (height is larger than width).

Wished situation Once added to the board, I would like to be able to rotate 90 degrees the Participant / Pool (and its Participant / Lanes).

Thanks to considerate this request.

Andrew R. Clins

[0]– https://www.modelio.org/forum/7-general-help/4184-bpm-lane-direction.html#4694

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