Camel Modules Installation


To use this module, you need at least:

  1. Modelio 4.0, downloadable from;

  2. the Camel extension, downloadable from;


After installing Modelio, start the modeler and create a simple UML model.

To be able to use CAMEL extension into Modelio you have to first install CAMEL module.


  1. Run the Configuration / 6 Modules catalog… command.
  2. To add a module, click on Add a module to the catalog… and use the file browser to select the modules (*.jmdac files).
  3. To remove a module, select the module in question and click on the Remove module from the catalog button.
  4. To download new versions of modules into the catalog, click on Check for new versions….

Installing a module in a project


  • 1. Click on [8] to expand the Modules catalog.
  • 2. In the Modules catalog, select the module you want to install.
  • 3. Click on [9] to install the module in the project.