Setting up the Development Environment

The development of a Modelio module will be carried out with the Eclipse tool for code editing, packaging and debugging.

Eclipse is not mandatory to develop Modelio module, other Java IDE like Netbeans can be used as long as they can use maven. Nevertheless they probably require adaptations of the provided template and described procedures which are beyond the scope of this document.

Maven Project

A Maven Archetype for module developement project is available in modelio public repository.

  1. Install Maven Plugin on Eclipse (m2eclipse eclipse project)
  2. Create a Maven Project based on the modelio-module-archetype Archetype
    • Launch Eclipse
    • Select File –> New –> Project…,
    • Select Maven Project
    • Register the modelio public repository as a new Remote Repository.

              Catalog File :

    • Select modelio-module-archetype Archetype.
    • Specify the project informations.

                Group Id : org.modelio
                Artifact ID : junit
                Version : 1.0.00
                Package : org.modelio.junit
                Module Name : JUnit

    • This is it, finish to create the project!

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