Module development structure

A Module is a set of Java, XML and resource files preferably organized in an Eclipse project, before being packaged in a compressed archive (.jmdac). This file can be deployed in user projects and executed in Modelio.

Maven development structure

A Maven Archetype for module developement project is available in the modelio public repository.


The structure is presented in Illustration 1: Maven Module structure. It is basically an Eclipse Maven project with a conf directory containing all the elements that are specific to the Modelio module and should be packaged with it. The driving files are :

  1. pom.xml: is a Maven build file used to compile and package the module into a jmdac file;
  2. src/main/conf/module.xml: contains all the declarations of Modelio module objects such as the module, profiles, stereotypes, tag and note types, commands and module parameters. Must be valid according to the module_conf.xsd XSD shema.
  3. src/main/conf/module*.properties which contains the mandatory resources required by the module. It contains mainly the pretty names and the descriptions of the module and module elements (commands, annotations, etc). As a standard Java property file, one file per language is supported.

Beside these files, some directories require comments : * src/main/conf/res: contains the resources of the module elements (icons, etc)

Illustration 1: Maven Module structure

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