Configuring project audit

Modelio 3 comes with an extensive set of pre-defined audit rules to help you build sound, correct models.
Each of these rules can be enabled, disabled or configured for different severity levels.


The Audit configuration tool


  • 1. Rules are organized by metaclass.
  • 2. Audit rule number.
  • 3. Audit rule severity. This can be set to one of Error, Warning or Advice. This is the severity of the diagnostics that this rule will produce.
  • 4. This tickbox enables/disables the rule. A disable rule is never controlled and produces no diagnostics.
  • 5. Rule description.
  • 6. Export the current configuration into a file (for example for re-use in another project).
  • 7. Import configuration from a file.
  • 8. Restore factory settings.
  • 9. Save Audit configuration, apply the currently displayed configuration to the project.

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