From 13 July 2017 to 11 August 2017

11 August 2017

10:16 Issue #317: Blank diagram / tab fails to load
I've found the log file :D
2017-08-11 10:14:09,469 ERROR o.m.d.elements - null
Andrew Wallace
10:00 Issue #317 (Resolved): Blank diagram / tab fails to load
Open a previously created diagram and the tab remains blank as if it failed to load. No error message given.
Andrew Wallace

08 August 2017

21:02 Issue #316 (New): Error when moving parts of a sequence diagram
When I :
- select the lower part of a sequence diagram with asynchronous messages,
- and then try to move it dow...
Martina Riehm
20:54 Issue #315 (New): Modelio doesn't honor screen dpi setting
On high resolution displays (such as the Dell XPS 13), Modelio display is messed up because some elements are display... Martina Riehm

27 July 2017

01:27 Issue #314 (New): Ubuntu Linux : GTK2 on HiDPI vs GTK3 Eclipse bug
As reported by other users (<>, #315), Modelio ... Davide Sottara

26 July 2017

13:06 Evolution #313 (Resolved): State Machine Diagrams / In symbol for Transition objects the guard la...
Today it is impossible to resize a guard label (even though the drag and drop squares are displayed, they do nothing)... Maël Koch
12:58 Issue #312 (New): Create Diagram / Sub package structure diagram (automatic) seems to be broken
In 3.5 this diagram displayed the dependencies between packages, it seems to no longer work in 3.6 Maël Koch

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